Rankaware- The Best Keyword Rank Checker Online

Rankaware is one of the best online keyword checkers online and thousands of webmasters use it on a daily basis to check the ranks of keywords online. Rankaware has been on the market for the last few years and I personally have been using the free version of the tool for the last 2 years and I have to say that Rankaware is beyond awesome.

Rankaware is a tool that helps you track search engine rankings for your keywords online. Rankware helps you track the keywords on Google, Yahoo and Bing in real-time. You guys can check the ranking of unlimited keywords in the free version of it and if you run multiple websites then you can buy the premium license and then you can add as many websites as you want and check their rankings.

There are many search engine rank trackers available in the market but no tool is as simple to use and as accurate as Rankaware. Rankaware offers free as well as premium versions of its software. If you are working on only one website then the free version is best for you but if you are a webmaster with multiple websites under your name then you should go for the premium version of the software and Rankaware works on Windows as well as Mac and they are also playing to launch it on Ipad and Android Pads.


Rankaware has a simple and fast UI and Rankaware lets you check your rankings for unlimited keywords and it also gives you the option to schedule your rank checks. You can schedule them at a particular time every day or you can choose to check the rank on a weekly basis as well.

Rankware also gives you the option to check the search rankings on for a certain region, so if you are a webmaster that writes for a certain geographic audience this feature is the best for you or you can always go for the Google.com search results.

Rankaware is the tool you need if you run multiple blogs, you should at least check it once and see how it does. Download Rankaware from their official website and if you like it try the premium version as well because it comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

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