LNMU Part 1 Practical Exam Date 2019, LNMU B.A/B.Sc Part 1 Practical

LNMU part 1 practical exams are about to start and thousands of students are eagerly waiting for the exam dates to be announced. LNMU part 1 exams for various courses like B.A/B.Sc and B.Com have already been conducted and now is the time for their practical exams and according to the university, the practicals will be starting soon as well.

Lalit Narayan Mithila University is one of the best universities of Bihar and LNMU was founded in 1972 and the university is located in the district of Darbhanga. LNMU offers various undergraduate as well as postgraduate courses and offers distance learning courses as well.

LNMU conducts exams for part 1, part 2 and part 3 every year for courses like B.A/B.Sc and B.Com or M.A/M.Sc and M.com. LNMU part 1 exam was just conducted and now students are looking forward to the Part 1 practical exam which will be held soon, marks from theory exams as well as practical will be summarized and then overall marks of the students will be released and this is why it is necessary to conduct the practical examinations every year.

LNMU Part 1 Practical

Lalit Narayan Mithila University just conducted the 1st year honors paper for B.A and  B.Sc and the exams were conducted in the months of June-July and people were suspecting that around the end of July the practical exam dates will be released as well but it seems like that’s not the case and university has delayed the exams a little bit and because of this students are having a hard time finding the dates for LNMU Part 1 practical exam.

ALL LNMU Practical Exam Dates:-

Lalit Narayan Mithila University has multiple courses and thus conduct practical exams for all the exams. LNMU conducts practical for part 1, part 2 and part 3 exams and in this article we will be including the exam dates for all the LNMU practical exams and we will be talking about subsidiary practical exams as well.

LNMU BA Part 1 practical exam and LNMU B.Sc part 1 practical exams are to be conducted soon and in this article, we will be going into detail regarding all the upcoming practical exams so make sure you bookmark this page for all the latest LNMU related news.

LNMU Part 1 Subsidiary Practical Exam Date:-

LNMU also conducts vocations exams for different courses and subsidiary practicals for those subjects will be conducted as well and once the LNMU BA Part 1 practicals are conducted the LNMU part 1 subsidiary practicals will be conducted as well.

The subsidiary practicals are always conducted after the honors papers are finished the main practicals are taken and this time it looks like the part 1 subsidiary practicals will be taken in the month of August-September.

LNMU Part 2 Subsidiary Practical Exam Date:-

LNMU Part 2 subsidiary practicals are due as well and we hope that part 2 subsidiary practicals will be taken in the month of July-August. LNMU part 2 exams are over and LNMU part 2 result will be announced soon as well but before the part 2 results are announced subsidiary practicals need to be finished so that the overall marks can be calculated for the 2nd year students.

What Is The Difference Between Subsidiary Practicals and Normal Practicals?

Many people get confused between subsidiary practicals and normal practical exams in LNMU and today we will help you with that. There are two types of practicals conducted in LNMU and the practical for the main honors papers are different than practical for the subsidiary or you can say vocational papers and the exams for both these practicals are conducted at different time and then all those marks are added to get the final marks.

  • Name Of The University                                       LNMU
  • LNMU Part 1 Practical Date                                 To Be Announced
  • LNMU Part 2 Practical Date                                 To Be Announced
  • LNMU Part 1 Subsidiary Practical                        To Be Announced
  • LNMU Part 2 Subsidiary Practical                         To Be Announced
  • LNMU Part 1 Result Date                                      To Be Announced
  • LNMU Part 2 Result Date                                       To Be Announced

What Are The LNMU Part 1 Practical Exam Dates?

LNMU is going to conduct Part 1 practical exams soon, the exams were scheduled to be conducted in the month of July-August 2019 but due to unforeseen circumstances the exams have been delayed and the university is yet to release new Part 1 practical exam dates.

LNMU still has to release any notice on their website regarding this so we expect that the practicals will be held in the month of September and after that subsidiary, practical exams will be held.

LNMU will be conducting BA Part 1 practical and Bsc part 1 practical and the dates for both these exams will be coming at the same time and the notice will be released on the official website of the university and you can go check the details from there.

Update:- “LNMU Part 1 Practical exams delayed because of Bihar Flood”

How To Check LNMU Part 1 Practical Exam Dates Online:-

We are going to show you how you can download the part 1 practical exam date pdf from the official website of LNMU. LNMU keeps updating their notice page so make sure you download the datesheet for practical exams as soon as it’s released.

  • Visit The official website of LNMU at lnmuuniversity.ac.in.
  • Now go to their notices page.
  • Now search for LNMU Part 1 practical examination dates.
  • Click on the link and download the pdf and save it.

So this is how you can download the LNMU Part 1 practical examination dates online and as you read above the dates have been delayed because of Bihar flood but the practical exams will be conducted for sure so start studying now so that you can get good marks in the examination and also check out LNMU Part 1 Center List.

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